Bag Base Shaper Corner Radius Information

Base Shaper’s Corner Radius

We offer multiple radius corners on our base shapers. The most common is 1/2″ radius and is used in medium to large bags. Many customers purchase base shapers for small bags and purses that have tight corners. In this case the 1/4″ should be chosen. 
Here is a diagram to give you an idea on how to measure a corner radius. From the edge, you measure back until the curve ends. 
The 1/4″ for small bags and the 1/2″ for large bags are the two most common measurements we use. We do have many more sizes available upon request.
 We also make custom corners. Many customers send us paper templates of the custom size they want because their bags are not rectangular. We do make custom base shapers for bags if you send us a template.

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